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Happy Feet. Caring for Your Youngster’s Tootsies

Posted on July 2015

Summertime, and the feet are out there–wearing thongs, flip-flops, sandals, Crocs, and running barefoot through the grass or sand. Care of your Children’s feet is an all-year endeavor. Summertime brings its own set of challenges. Read full article…

Flip-Flops are cool and comfy, but wear them with care

Posted September 30, 2012

The flip-flop is the most ubiquitous member of the sandal family, but beware before you slide a pair between your toes. Dr. Emanuel Haber, a podiatrist… Read full article…

60 is the old 40

Posted June 4, 2012

It’s been said that the new 60 is the old 40, but the truth is one’s physical appearance can undercut this maxim. Thanks to medical advancements, Mother Nature’s failure to oblige physically can be corrected… Read excerpt…

Looking to Lessen the Pain

Posted January 10, 2012

For years, Dr. Emanuel Haber has worked to stay at the forefront of new medical technology to assist his patients. And he is able to continue doing so with the acquisition of the Noveon Laser at his practice… Read full article…

Proper Foot Care to Keep You in the Game

Posted September 2011

Many Americans refrain from exercising and athletic pursuits due to foot pain present before, or caused by, these activities. Consulting a Podiatrist about proper foot care can help your feet go the distance. Read full article…

As Seen in 201 Magazine

Posted July 2011

While the arrival of beach season might feel like a dream come true, fungal toenails are a nightmare for the roughly 10 percent of Americans. Read full article…

New Lasers Get Your Feet Ready for Spring

Posted Spring 2011

Spring is the time of year when people start flocking to the gym to get in shape for summer. If you have unsightly foot problems, now also is the time to do something about them so you are not too embarrassed to wear sandals this spring or go barefoot on the beach this summer. Read full article…

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