Custom Orthotics

Orthotics are custom inserts that create proper foot alignment for the prevention and treatment of a wide array of foot, lower back and lower extremity problems. They often are prescribed for adults who suffer from the adverse effects of flat feet, and to relieve the pain caused by shin splints, also known as growing pains, among young children. Orthotics may also be prescribed proactively to seniors to improve posture, balance and gait, thereby helping to prevent falls.

The growing ranks of weekend warriors has resulted in a spike in the number of sports-related foot and ankle injuries, such as shin splints, lower back pain, and tendonitis, especially Achilles Tendonitis. Use of a custom-fit orthotic will relieve the pain of these conditions by balancing weight distribution across the foot and establishing proper spine alignment.

A rapid orthotic scanner makes it possible to capture the most accurate representation of the patientsʼ individual foot architecture and turn around a perfect custom fit in less time than using traditional plaster molds.

Orthotics should be standard gear among athletes for stabilizing the feet during physical activities, as well for extending seniorsʼ ambulatory capabilities.

Practice Principles

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  • Explain treatment options and provide recommendations that consider patients’ podiatric and lifestyle needs
  • Engender trust among our patients and their families, referring physicians and the community at large
  • Keep abreast of new podiatric research and advancements to continually provide the best footcare to our patients
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