Laser Foot Treatment in Paramus, NJ

Toenail Fungus Laser – Effective or Not?

Dr. Haber has been the leading podiatrist in Bergen County for treating a variety of nail and skin conditions affecting the foot with different lasers, including CO2 and Pulse Dye Lasers. His considerable experience and comfort with laser technologies has earned the trust of referring doctors and their patients for using lasers to treat warts and ingrown nails for more than 20 years.

Dr. Haber chose a system that uses a cool laser instead of a heat laser to eliminate fungal pathogens that infect toenails without harming the normal tissue. Extensive clinical trials have shown that this laserʼs low energy beams allow for more exhaustive treatment of fungal toenails and better results, with virtually no side effects. Treatments are quick, do not require anesthesia, and are done in the comfort of the doctorʼs office.

Practice Principles

  • Listen to our patients and take the time needed to understand their concerns and make them feel comfortable
  • Explain treatment options and provide recommendations that consider patients’ podiatric and lifestyle needs
  • Engender trust among our patients and their families, referring physicians and the community at large
  • Keep abreast of new podiatric research and advancements to continually provide the best footcare to our patients
  • Provide a clean and welcoming office environment